The Unquiet: On the Essence of the Soul

The essence of the soul is a pure unity of creature and God, a complete absence of anything foreign or circumventing. In the desert of its solitude, the soul is always one with itself in that it cannot transcend into anything but itself, nor can it escape its own horizon. It cannot become because it has always been. What it is is what it was. Not a glimmer of division can exist between the soul and God. The soul is God and God is the soul. Its being is Being upon the open range of reality, wherein the soul is properly devoid and the arbiter of the soul is deposited; the absolute, in its passivity and openness of itself depicts the world as that which is its negative realm, its stopping point within the milieu of time and space such that its arrival is nothing more than returning to itself, to its true nature and to its self-appearance. The manifestation of the essence is equally, and bilaterally, the essence of its unnamed mystery and its lack of determination since, in its purity, in its Being, all is indeterminate and nothing of substance. It is unaffected within its embryonic cocoon, but self-affecting in the wilderness of exteriority which presupposes the soul and all that is uncreated within it.

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