The Incidental Corridor No.762

The essence is within itself. It is its own relation through its revelation to itself. It is pure unity in which there are no foreign elements, no otherness, nothing but itself in its pure absoluteness. There is nothing but reality in the essence, once it reaches itself through revealing itself to itself. Outside of it is only unreality, it is the milieu of exteriority which has no basis for the essence. The essence is its own foundation, its own essence of essence and, in its solitude it rejoices in itself as that which is one with the absolute, a one in which nothing can penetrate, nothing can relate to it, nor misappropriate it. It is only in union with its own union and is unreachable except through itself in its purity and in its absoluteness. The essence is greater than reality because it holds reality in its own terms, in its desires which are immeasurable since in its absoluteness it is its own desire. The content of the essence, besides it being its own content, is its desire to be this very content. There are no lines separating essence from desire, nothing can come close to it nor escape from it. Its proximity to itself is its own boundaries and its own demarcation. Once essence reveals itself in itself, to consciousness which uses essence as its vehicle to embark on life, than it becomes the reality surrounding it, the horizon in which it flourishes as Being, a horizon in which the milieu of infinite worlds form together in a finite embrace which becomes the object for the essence and the means by which its revelation is recognized by the otherness that extends itself throughout the horizon of Being. This horizon belongs to Being, and to the essence of Being, in its truth and in its absolute existence.

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