The Incidental Corridor of Pure Essence, No.761

Pure essence is absolute tranquility. There is nothing outside of it, nothing opposed to it. It is ‘in itself’ as itself only at rest and, in its oneness, it is impenetrable by anything other than itself. It has no desires other than its own simplicity, its own serene emptiness, which, for it, is the emptiness wherein it rests and remains separate from all else; from the world, from Being-in-the-world which has yet become being, which is still confined to itself ‘in itself as essence.’ There is no reality for essence since no reality exists within it except its pure nature, its simple form wherein it senses nothing except the nothing of its absolute purity. It forms itself and remains invisible, hiding in its intransigent state of disinterest, its unopposed, unseen form where nothing is foreign to it because it remains ‘in itself’. It only emerges in transcendence where there may be interest outside of it, opposition and resistance. The negation in which essence explores itself is that which comes against it as ‘otherness’, and it is only in otherness that the essence transcends into the reality that opposes it, and it could only be this particular reality for the particular essence as its immediate fall into the world has its character and personality, as it is for all essences and all beings.

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