The Incidental Corridor No.758

The Night of Non-Phenomenality is the self-abandonment of the essence to itself, the non-appearing of the appearance, the withdrawal back into nothing…in which revelation is not possible as a transcending, but only possible as not becoming. Now, this non-becoming is still immanent in its non-phenomenal structure, but only immanent to itself in its nothingness. All things have essence, even nothing since the essence of nothing must take the place of the essence of something if that something does not show itself, or if only nothing appears. It is the auto-affection behind reality, that which lingers beyond the phenomenological milieu of exteriority and remains, simply, in the imagination. Saying that what is imagined exists, only does so in the imagination of imagining and, therefore its reality is possible within itself only if that in itself transcends beyond all other possibilities and manifests its essence which, beforehand remained an essence that first manifested through an auto-affectivity and a spontaneous reality forming together so that nothing else can be realized by that one particular instant. Reality defines itself through itself. Its appearing is a disappearing, it is a withdrawing from that which is its essence into an ontic reality; a reality that is no longer in the grips of its ontological content but is, actually, an eidetic vision, namely, the vision of the revelation of the transcendence into the exteriority of the interiority, the movement from within to the beyond of the within, the phenomenal being of Being-in-itself. l

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