The Unquiet, No.9

Being has consciousness as its truth, while consciousness has both being and itself as its object. As Being, in the ontological structure of itself, is before all things, it reaches being from a nothingness and falls from its primal condition to that of unreality. This unreality is the object of consciousness. It is its finite object, its reality. Consciousness is always between itself and Being in that it seeks natural knowledge while using pure knowledge as its foundation. The knowledge consciousness projects is that knowledge which follows from existing. Pure knowledge is absolute knowledge. It is beyond itself in itself. It is a priori and has no foundation although it is grounded in reality; a reality that only Being has in it. Transcendent being is bound by its horizon which is the essence that manifests itself through Being. By Being the Being of being, it surrenders to a self-representation whereby it unburdens itself of the nothingness which is its content, to the unreality which is the self-manifestation of the essence of manifestation. Thus its absoluteness appears as an illusory object caught up in the unreality of a world of which consciousness has made its object. Its truth is consciousness. Its untruth is the fact of its truth and the reversal of consciousness to where this consciousness is always behind it; self-made and self-embodied. Being is consciousness which is its object. Therefore consciousness has Being and representation as the same, although Being is always Being and consciousness is always consciousness of itself and its object.

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