The Incidental Corridor No.754

The appearing of appearance is the self-manifestation of pure manifestation, the Parousia, the absoluteness of the absolute. Consciousness, in its appearing, is the being-for-itself of the Being-in-itself which, in its appearing, is both ontological and existential. It only knows itself as the truth and beyond that all else is abstract to it. In reality existence is the essence which opens itself to the essence of manifestation. It’s the horizon within itself which is anterior to all else except its own essence. Within this horizon the only reality that can exist is that where being operates. Outside of it nothing is real. And being, as the consciousness which manifests itself through natural consciousness, concerns itself with its own immediacy and objects. That which lies outside its objectivity, its immediacy, is a phantom reality; the reality of the unreal; the point between the ontological and the existential where shadows blend into themselves and consciousness, in its knowledge of itself, takes to being illusory, to being beyond its own realm. It can’t transcend beyond its own horizon, although its horizon of Being, that point where it manifests being by Being, began as nothing since Being and Nothing are the same. Its appearing is really Nothing. Its truth is its non-truth, its contradiction and negation. It is not a Being-that-is but being-that-is-not. The not-being, which Being must be, is that which makes its appearance. Through its essence of manifestation, Being becomes the nothing it always was and being, within its immediate sphere becomes, for Being, a consciousness that relies on existence for the knowledge of itself, and the truth it carries through this knowledge of its Being for being.

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