The Incidental Corridor No.753

Consciousness is always modifying itself to which its appearing as being is not its necessary preoccupation, more than its appearance of appearing, which is its ritual and habitual act of manifesting itself. It is not concerned with Being as such. It directs itself towards being and toward the appearance of being as representing itself. This representing to itself its own appearance, is the reversal of consciousness whereby it becomes the truth of consciousness, the appearance of its appearing, and the pure manifestation of manifestation. The natural origin of consciousness is Being, but it is being which forms consciousness, as being and consciousness are the same thing. Through its essence, consciousness is the Parousia, the absolute of the absolute, the presence in its presence insofar as Being is present. And the manifestation of being is the manifestation of Being. It is immediate consciousness which is itself as Being-present, but it is the reversal of consciousness which allows for that presence to be present and for the manifestation of itself to manifest itself

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