The Incidental Corridor No.752

Consciousness is the light that arises between itself and the world. It is from Being that it becomes the mode of being. Being is the Being of being. They are simultaneous in that they are both being-in-the-other. What consciousness reveals is that moment from Being to being, that arising from primitive space, from the darkness of abstention, into a flourishing immanence with its content of Nothingness; a Nothingness that is Being. This immanence within Being is the thing-opposed, the foundation whereby being finds itself. Therefore being, to be what it is, must negate Being and become, through this negation, the phenomenal presence of that which “arrives” into the ontic sphere of all existences. The Nothingness, of which it began, is the singular determinant that transcends Being and surpasses itself into the concrete shape of its own content, its simple quality. Nothingness is not nothing. Its content is identical to Being. It is the manifesting of this content of Nothingness that reveals itself, that in which Being becomes, for consciousness, a light out of the darkness and a being for which existence appears and reality leads a sojourn into the essence of its own manifestation.

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