Immanence and Transcendence, No.747

Being decides on its own existence in a condition before immanence as be-ing; a level which transcends from the hidden space of invisible content, into immanence and, from there, into the world in which being takes itself as a-thrown-into-being-in-the-world. Pure being and pure immanence are not the same, as be-ing is first the condition in which immanence can represent itself as being-for-itself. In this sense, immanence is subordinate to be-ing before it itself can become being. Existing as a self is a concept of being, the greatest and absolute concept. Being absolute, it is also finite being as it can only be represented in a finite structure within its own horizon. This transcending in the form of representation is rooted in immanence in that it cannot exist without first existing as a not-existing, as alienation from itself before immanence is projected into that self-opening, that coming to be, which is the condition for transcendence, the a priori inherent presence of spirit in search of itself as the ground in which it will become immanent. There is no level of existence before spirit, as spirit is its own level and its own representation, and therefore, only darkness can precede it.

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