The Incidental Corridor No.746

Life is always occurring in that it represents itself to itself. It is its own immanence by which it transcends into the absolute knowing, the reality that is situated in life. It is only through this “seeing” that life can be grasped; that all matters of nature, the cosmos, others, etc., surges through this transcending born of immanence, this movement and moment of consciousness, this very act of self-revelation, when the object submits itself to the gaze of the seer, and is given. This thing, or object, belongs to immanence if even outside of it in a transcendent realm, since nothing can come to consciousness if it is not first given to consciousness in its pre-reflective state, in a way which only the knower, in the act of knowing, can give back, as nothing exists without it first beginning in the pre-immanent stage to the consciousness in which it is known. In other words, nothing can exist without it first existing and life occurs only as we are live it.

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