The Invisible Visible, No.742

The essence of the invisible is the phenomenality of itself, which makes possible all phenomenon. It is, in itself, invisible as it is unaware of its own visibility. It comes into the light of the world by, first, manifesting its invisibility into the visible which is still its invisibility and, as such, continues into an existence as the visible invisible, making it the essence of its own manifestation and the essence of itself in its manifestation.
Phenomenality is itself invisible. As is life, which cannot be seen, touched, heard, etc. Life is visible only in its phenomenality, in its visible-ness. As such, it is an invisible essence manifested in not-being and, essentially, is made visible as a phenomenon in a manifestation of its manifestation, its essence of essence. It hides from itself in its invisibility, in its un-awareness as a thing-in-itself. In its appearance it is phenomenon. In its disappearance it is only an essence of being which is not yet.

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