The Incidental Corridor: Truth and Not Truth, No.740

All truths have within themselves their own opposition. The negative of an not-truth is its truth. The relation between immediate and mediate could be described as the unknown meeting the known meeting the unknown. A positing, or pure existence, is actually a taking away since it can’t determine itself if is not determining the opposite of itself, which is its exacting. Same replaces same. Truth replaces the not-truth which goes on as the truth since it couldn’t be not-true without its negative relation. It is the negative of the positive.
Each moment, in its relation with the previous moment and possessing that which will unfold into the next moment, holds within itself its own other. It is immediate reconciliation between spirit, flesh, and both spirit and flesh together. They represent the one of the many one’s, and the truth of each. But an other truth, which is its same truth.
All Notions are a truth of existence as an essence of being. Their untruths are submerged in their truths. As judgments they are mere postulates. Their truth is not in their content but in their form, which, for the Notion is the first content, and the content that will become the same as it is as it becomes an other of itself. In form they replace the proposition of the judgment with the determination of the judgment. In other words, the end must exist before the beginning. This is the method of reaching the truth in the not-truth, the predicate in the subject, and the knowing before it is known.

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