The Incidental Corridor on the Good, No.738

The Good in the indeterminate immediacy of being in its own individuality is its destiny toward infinitude. It is yet a subjective determination and indifferent to the universality which it will become. It remains as an ought-to-be in its abstract immediacy and, as being abstract, confronts itself in the form of not-being. The affliction of subjectivity is what being possesses once it is filled with content, that being the content of determinate-ness and objectivity, the dark realm which immediate being confronts once it has emerged from its own transparency and reflects into itself. In its concrete existence being is faced with the external possibilities which await its subjectivity and, thus, taking the Good from its earlier immediacy and contrasting it with the obstacles of an universal world. At this point the Good itself becomes subjective and can be defined in different ways. A deformation, or alteration of a an animal, for instance, has no relevance in direct contrast to its universal awareness and it is only from the external activities in which it engages can it be defined as good or not good. A human being with bad thoughts does not recognize these thoughts as such, but is judged through others as to his malfeasance.
The will in its self-determination confronts the universal with its own limited content. It would particularize its reality, but is always only for itself in that it is subject to its own reflection which is its negative unity with others and with itself as being-in-the-world. It sees Good through its Notion of fulfilling itself with a subjective fulfillment; a Notion of confronting the world through itself for itself, and taking that which is within its concrete reality a means towards absolute Good. Being determined for itself in its individuality, determines, once it has passed over from immediacy and into mediation, the meaning of what is Good in the universality of its existence and applying that Good to itself before all others. Thus, personality rises from the depths of its idea of what is Good for itself.

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