The Incidental Corridor on the Idea, No.735

The idea exists as Notion. It is related to Notion in the form of ordinary conception. It is the basis for truth, or only possesses truth in and for itself. It is a becoming and a building towards a reality which, in its indifference to being and being indifferent towards itself, is immaterial, inconsequential, and a lifeless nature turned inwards; it sublates itself in its immediacy and, for that reason, the Idea is nothing but the reflection of its negative unity with an object.
Its simple truth is that being and reality are incomplete Notions; that the Idea is a reaching into the beyond, an exercise of subsistence in its self-manifestation which guides life through its natural cycles of joy and suffering, love and hate, peace and punishment, and so on. It expresses that which is real in expressing the idea of itself.
What the now is in the Idea is its immediacy, that first moment of absolute judgment in which the quality of indeterminate being recognizes that its truth lies, not in the object as a universal in which all Ideas fall to in the material world, but in its own self-negation, its inwardness that negates the external world where individuality makes its stand and goes up against itself as that being-for-others. In essence, the Idea is the material of the world, the foundation for States and Civilizations. It is the Notion completing itself, but only externally. Spiritually it is still in the stages of the beyond, in that its embodiment is its simple truth and its reality is that it is a soul that is not yet a soul.

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