From the Unquiet, No. 7 1/2

The determinism which rings true from the deepest trenches of want to the furthest reach of indifference, is its own cause and its own effect. In its beginning Notion it signals the vast emptiness of reason, the high clouds of disruptive existence, and the neutral middle, the point at which all things come asunder and break away into their natural stages. A mechanical intelligence works for itself. A self-determined purposive intelligence is at work with its other. Both are the basis for the objective world which, eventually, slips forward into its own subjectivity. The object cannot stay simply an object. That would consider it purposeless in its construction or its concept. Eventually it needs a subject to be an object of. The universal state, in its static existence, is the tree whose limbs stretch into different worlds; whose trunk is disbursed into the vast manifold of intuition and, by that same nature in which all things merge towards, desire. In its equivocal Notion, it can only stand on its own, but that standing in place, that self-neutrality that separates all things from each other, finally, in its end, falls into that which appears before us: The improbable chance, the impossible possibility, and the self-determined accountability that gestures forward from the hollows of darkness and into the intrusive light of truth which shines down on nature and causes it to be the cause of itself.

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