Notion and Freedom, No.733

The Notion is being and essence. It defines the beginning of itself from its neutrality between the extremes of its indifference and the determinations in its externality. It is the process of becoming-for-self, but only its beginning. Once it sinks into determinate-ness and takes on a purpose, it is no longer being-for-self. It sublates the externality that is totally determined in itself and emerges as the efficient cause and final cause. In this, its emerging stage, its purposiveness is authored by its intellect and by its own free existence. But, it negates its freedom once the determination of its being is taken into the universal. Subjectively it’s still a product of the object of its concerns and cannot be merely put aside as an indifferent moment. This moment in which the Notion is bound and which it is infected with purpose, is mechanically altered and becomes determined to an end. This is the point of the Notion when it can no longer be free from its object but is taken in by it; it surrounds itself in its externality and is subject to its own beginning. Once this determinate-ness is posited, self-determination is no longer manifested. On the contrary, it becomes a victim of the mechanical laws of efficient cause; its essence is defined, then, by its relationship with the Notion of its beginning, and the purposiveness in which this Notion is consumed. Freedom is the Notion of existence. Existence is Notion in its externality, but is anathema to freedom in its surrender to the actuality of its existence. It is no longer the invisible, but is now the visible invisible. Its determination and freedom struggles against a purposeful ending since purposiveness is contrary to freedom and cannot be sundered once it is put into motion.

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