The Incidental Corridor No.727

Being is an immediate intending whose notion is to immediately vanish into its opposite, into its not-being. It is a simplicity, or something meant to be one with its other. In contrast, the universal is a pure notion, or determination which, alongside other notions, seeks pure self-identity by distinguishing itself against the distinctive moments that are, essentially, mediated moments. It is, in its own simplicity, absolute negativity that possesses the determinations of its own rich and abstract content. This universality of the abstract is opposed to the particular. The universal is the purest Notion of itself and through its abstraction is the negation of the negation. Since abstraction is opposed to the particular it can only stay abstract in its own negativity. And its negativity is absolute mediation but it is not something mediated. What is mediated is the universal that opposes the particular and contrasts itself with the particularity that being intends in its notion of becoming.
Being is simplicity in its immediacy. The Universal is simplicity in its mediation. The former is a vanishing into its otherness, while the latter is an otherness vanishing into itself. To reach the abstract, concrete determinations must be left out; determinations that are negations. By omitting these determinations we also negate them. We have the negation of the negation which is simple being vanishing into its non-being, that which is its notion, while within the universal, it is once again immediate being in its original and immediate essence. These moments that hold the determinate-ness of the immediacy, begin as indeterminate moments sublated by the universal which reflects back to being through abstract determinations.

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