The Incidental Corridor On the Notion, No.726

The Notion begins as incomplete reality in the form of feelings, intuition, and representation. These forms have the Notion as their unconditioned ground while also being the antecedent conditions of the Notion itself. As they are, these forms are pure ideality or identity and have not yet reached truth. The Notion, in its incompleteness, builds up from itself, through feelings and so forth, the reality that has found its way inside it, taken by the Notion as its incomplete truth. From this, its resource, the Notion creates its own reality through itself. Reality is not ready made, it does not exist before the Notion, nor is it a sensuous object outside thought. It is self-made as the Notion is confronted by its incompleteness and forms, for itself, a reality through the subjugation of itself, through the synthesis of its own transformation from idea to truth; from identity of itself in its being and essence to its immediate unconditioned indeterminate-ness. It doesn’t fall back into a ready-made world that has within it an experience of itself; on the contrary, the Notion is its own world, the appearance of its appearance through its immanence.

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