The Unification of Diversity, No.725

An object approaching an altogether different object that forms together results in an absolutely unified object. Even in an act of repelling one from the other, the unity is in the division and, hence, a division that is unified in its diversity. The illusory aspect of a unification in which the contents act in the same way toward each other, lacks the diversity that is needed to create a dynamism that breathes life and spirit into all things. Without a distinction which acts as a separateness, as a determinable difference, a sterilization would ensue in which similarity would work to erase its common elements to the point of extinction. Two same elements cannot exist together. One would annihilate the other.
In a diversity of thought, a unity forms. The universe isn’t empty space. Neither should be thought. Concepts that mirror themselves fade into an emptiness in which logic is absorbed into its own reflection and, that which is closest to itself is lost in itself. In mathematics the relation of differences describes the overall energy of the oneness between numbers. When multiplying by one the same results infinitely emerge. One multiplied by five equals five; by seven equals seven, and so on. If expanded beyond the one, which adds an element of movement or disturbance, the reality of force upon the laws of that force unveils itself into the real world; or the world as a substrate of personal subjectivity which, in itself, is the lingering grey mist of infinite separation.
Separation is, in effect, unification. Unification without distinction, leads to extinction. Diversity of thought is the notion that everything is equal in its differentiation from all else. Singularity is the moment when all things mirror themselves which is, in essence, a relation of nothing within a multiple of one; an empty relation, a singular relation, hence, a relation of something that cannot transcend its own being; in effect, a being devoid of content since a reflection into itself only reflects back into that same self, which adds up to nothing.

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