The NOtion of the “I”, No.723

The “I” is pure Notion preceded by nature and reality. It comes into existence through the self-related negativity that abstracts from all content and withdraws into an equality with itself. This, its unity with itself, is its universality and its pure self-consciousness. It does not begin as immediate individuality, but comes to be by opposing all things that are other from it. This opposition is a determinate-ness which exists for the I; it’s individual personality that emerges through its contradiction from all else and is its nature. These moments that are the content of the Notion of the I are grasped in the synthesis of their immediacy and, through that determinate-ness, become actuality.
The I that is individual personality possesses its personality as one may own an object or something other than itself that is for itself. The object of the Notion of the I is the determinate-ness that is posited in reality; a comprehending of being-for-self that is utterly abstract from universality while being universal in itself. It isn’t a feeling or an intuition that posits the I in the universal, but is a representation of its negative self-relation with itself; it is the rising from the absolute nothingness that pervades its essence and unifies with an immanence that it has conjured for itself. Being, in all its determinations, in its nature and its transcendence, is pure affectiveness. Its inner is its outer and vice versa. In its ordinary conception its object is external, but in being-in-and-for-itself, that externality is its own I which represents its individuality in its thoughts and appearance. And this abstraction that is its negative attitude, forms a unity that is a unity with itself; a unity that is universality which is its pure “I”.

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