The Incidental Corridor and Necessity, No.722

Necessity is the truth in which freedom is posited. It is, in actuality, a movement of substance which begins as the cause of itself and ends with a reflecting back into itself as its own negation, or opposite. Its moments begin as original presuppositions in the unity of being and essence; in the Notion. This being-for-self, manifested in the moment of causality, emerges as a passive substance; a substance acted upon through its own sublated mediation. This, its freedom of movement, is its opposing itself; it is positing itself in an other, thus its self-relation is its identity with that which negates it. The Notion is the immediate substance which is the necessary truth of being in that it posits itself in its own cause and essentially identifies with its opposite cause, its effect. The cause is submerged in the effect and is ever present as the substantive moment of its origination. It ceases to be while continuing to become through its own necessity. Its freedom lies in its essential presence as a movement from passive substance into active substance and back again into passivity. This is the freedom of movement that manifests its necessity. It also has its own substrates as the Notion of its originating being. It is both an self-identical and a negative relation.
The negative aspect to necessity is its positive-ness. Its positive-ness is its negative-ness. It remains identical with itself in its opposition with itself. Its freedom is in becoming a self-negating substance which is manifested in Actuality. It is the exposition of substance in its becoming of the Notion. The Notion, having its foundation in the immediate, finds its immediacy in the sublation of its own mediation. This is the natural outcome of being and essence. It is the immediate followed by reflection, into the becoming of its own necessity; its own freedom; its own Notion of itself and its actuality.

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