From the “Unquiet” Documents: The Invisible of the Invisible

The invisible of the invisible, or the totality which is both passive and causal, the determinate determinate, appears as itself to itself; its reflecting in while reflecting out. It is the negative relation which, through itself, makes its invisible appearance into invisibility. Behind it, the causality which propels invisibility into its realm of freedom, its uninhibited movement and moments identified within the passing of itself through itself, the invisible invisible is in fact the only substance which is real substance. All else is illusory and necessarily self-negating since nothing can be part of anything else if not first self-identical with its opposite. Invisibility has no opposite. It cannot negate itself as it is not distinctly passive or causal. It is the unseen of the unseen and is its own cause. Within the invisible of the invisible realm nothing is reflected, nor is substance a form with content. It is mere negativity through itself. It can only exist in the realm of its invisibility and un-self-negativity. What is infinitely sustainable is this invisibility itself which, through its appearance, it falls back into itself and becomes darkness; nothing can shine through it, nor on it. It is absolute emptiness which relies on its nothingness to support its invisibility.
All things are not in the invisible invisible. That which is contained in the purely invisible is identified as such through its own self-identity; its matter of itself. The invisible moment of the invisible, is that moment in which all things are being-not what they are not. It is absolute contradiction, pure negation, but a force and a law…an existing moment within the moment in which it rises through its darkness and, in its rising, is actually falling. It is the infinite ground falling back into ground, but arising as the negative ground of invisibility, which in itself becomes causal in its relation to the universal, but to itself is pure emptiness. Without the invisible of the invisible perception is non-existent since that which makes its appearance is the negation of invisibility and not its substrate. It is the becoming through the cause of the passivity of the past. The invisible invisible is what repels the past back into itself and becomes the necessary moment in which invisibility falls back and, in so doing, is reflected into appearance, but that which is not emerging and remains buried in the ground of its own darkness, is the invisible invisible and its infinite moment of nothingness.

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