The Incidental Corridor No.722

Necessity always reveals itself. Cause, grounded in necessity, is the negation of itself in its becoming, which is its passivity, since it is only an illusory cause of an illusory being-with-content, and it is passive as it is presented in its original causality; a passiveness which is a reflection into itself, into its originality. The negation of itself, of cause, in its becoming, is the positive union with itself. Cause is its own cause in a finite self-relation. Necessity is the being in union with the original cause. Thus, necessity is the negation of cause in its mediation and in its coming to be.
Through self-negating activity, necessity rises into itself and reveals its ground, which is not grounded as it continues in its contradiction to cause, a continuation of its substance, and can only become what it actually is, setting out from its origination and appearing as the cause of the necessity of the cause.

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