The Essence of Appearance, No.718

The immediacy of appearance is the essence-less and indeterminate nature of what it is in itself. An object appears as a thing in itself reflected back into itself. Its essence has not yet appeared. Its determinate-ness still lies outside of it and is still a pure nothing, and is no more or no less than nothing. Its appearance relies on the indeterminate being and its indifference to itself as being. Appearance is, for existence, an essence and a pure knowing beyond its own immediacy and has become a thing-in-itself, a reflection back into itself, its pure essence and its determinate-ness. It can only be what it is determined it must be, as in the green of a leaf, the round of a circle, and so on.
An appearance of something is its essence returning to itself. It moves beyond its immediacy, its essence-less nature, its invisibility of being, and into a mediated existence where its essence is determined as the thing, or object, and its properties become, for consciousness, that which exists as the negative relation, the form and content no longer an indeterminate-ness, but a true determination of an object with properties; an object for consciousness that is for-itself-for-the-object. They become one of the many one’s; the pure and inescapable nothingness that has come to being as a contradiction to its nothingness; an appearance which is in truth that which draws existence into itself and brings with it determinate being that would be otherwise non-existent.
The essence of appearance is that which appears in it. Immediate being belongs to appearance and is its form. The content follows as separate appearances, each within itself, its own appearance, its own immediacy, its being for itself and for another.

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