The Incidental Corridor No.710

All things external are measured by their substance and limited in their size in proportion to their own determinations. The being of one is bordered in by sense, by control of an underlying determination which it seeks, a measurement of truth which is non-substantive. This non-substance rises against itself when faced with a time and space. It is measured by external “rhythms” that line each phase of its unsubstantiated life. It sets forward, proportionately, to the measurement of a particular mode of time and follows that path; an extreme moment replaying itself while in truth it’s not there. Reflecting back into itself the image becomes a wedge between the ego and the “formality” of the Universe.
What is in itself is in everything. Substance and Thoughts of substance intermingle. The truth neither lies in the thinking substance, or the substance itself, but somewhere between. The unseen moments, thus, sink away into that center and are resurrected in the future. These moments are not lived nor are they taken to be the true. Their potency lies hidden in the mystery of itself, where one side rises and the other falls; where a nothingness, held together by its immediacy, by its perpetual introduction to life, must always fall back into the next measurement of its substance…which is despair. The truth grows into the falsity of life, penetrates it, and emerges as the haze of distrust against itself; against its knowing its own moments and, in its eventual demise into anxiety, reflecting from its substance-less a barren nothing.
These truths that play out are related to themselves and find their limit in the world. They belong to the one who is the truth, the substances-less spirit that considers objects in the world to be its own. All perceptible objects are in some way owned, entering through the immediacy until they sink away and become relics. In that proprietary mode, immediate being is taken to a moment where the rising and falling of his intentions break away and he is faced with the attraction of a decision. The attraction is the law that propels the-one to explore an immediate moment, to be, in a way, notified of reality.
The decision is the product, the center of intention and, in following its course, the particular becomes a universal moment where the one, being-for-self, begins toward a quantitative indeterminacy. Thus immediacy is true essence, not of its moment, but of what it is. Immediacy is spirit in the world. It’s the first and last moment always vanishing, then reappearing as a new-self. Indeterminacy is the true characteristic of a substance-less world, the immediate understanding that something must follow, that all things connect, disconnect, and reconnect.
Determination exists in decision; it is what makes decision appear and bring on new determinations. It has, as its own, its Notions and holds them to be its being and essence. All things interact in some way. The ratio of all measures always fall into a formula of completing itself. As it is with determination and immediacy. One is faced with uncertainty, which is the character of the former, while the latter is the only moment that has yet to be mediated. But it can’t hold on to its immediacy since it finds the object of immediacy to be substance-less. It only feigns its existence to itself as it is its own truth. Its certainty cannot be verified by the ones in the throes of its emergence, but to itself it verifies that it is, that it’s awash in its reflection of itself through itself. It is and it is not in that phase of knowing, but it gleans an immediately vanishing knowledge into an inner sphere of unescapable dimensions. From that point new determinate moments become worked on and result in a particular imminence of a structural imbalance. The last moment of this disjointed impeachment of the self, leads to the addition of unfulfilled images of fancy and the interminable alliance of fear and trepidation. Despair forms the veins which flow through indeterminacy of the one. It is the first and last emergence in the moment. And it includes in itself all that it can, all it perceives, all of its notions, journeying to “There” which it has made for itself. The “there of the now,” its turns, its stretches, its punctures.

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