The Incidental Corridor on Attraction and Repulsion, No.709

Repulsion fills the emptiness created by attraction, its negative relation. Repulsion is determined as the opposite of itself. As repulsion it is the negation of attraction.
Repulsion brings on its own repulsion and is the nature of itself to reject the thing, simply because it is. Its “attraction” is repulsion. Its “repulsion” is attraction.
What attraction brings to itself is its very act, which is the moments of negation in repulsion. In that it attracts repulsion, it destroys its own self. The nature of everything is to remain distinct, apart, while still being together, to allow for the indifference of differences between the ones, or matter. It gains its status just by being. The force, than, of repulsion is absolute force. Attraction is the force of recognition through negation. In order to attract it must first negate itself. As in the two opposite poles of a magnet. They share an opposing force that is the same force. One cannot be without the other for their force to exist, as in the self cannot be the self without another self.
The differences contained between things, between the ones, differ in relation around a significant center: a center that radiates from within and without, which attracts and repulses equally so as attraction increases, repulsion decreases, and vice versa. All things are a plurality of ones and a self-repelling continuity. As in determinations and non-determinations. One is immediate, the other indifferent. Both are related to their self-sameness and are self-transcending. One attracts, the other repulses. The sphere of attraction and repulsion is linked to a center of differences which projects outwardly into a similarity of parts in perpetual contact and continuity. Their continuity relies on their differences. Their differences rely on their similarities.

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