The Incidental Corridor on Being and Nothing, No.707

The immediacy is the nothingness of being. It is also the first movement toward being-for-itself, and that which is finite and without freedom. Once immediacy is transcended it falls into the limitations of the universal; the very sphere of nature which, ultimately, takes over and directs life within its assertive field of laws and forces, and moves all things in the same direction: the future. It’s similar to a seed that is planted. Its limits are already embedded in itself. It grows into a flower, blossoms into fruit, grows dormant and begins over again until, finally, of its being. The immediacy in which it finds itself, the moment of its truth, is when new seeds develop and fill the emptiness, the nothingness that awaits their germination. It becomes being-beyond-itself and is thrown into the finite sanctuary of the universe. This movement of immediacy into mediation, objectivity into subjectivity, is the self-contradiction of all living things. They surrender their nothingness into being, and perennially, infinitely, surrender their being into nothingness. It is the reality of being-in-the-world, where immediacy is overcome and the subjective nature of life fills in; as in a liquid filling a glass. Eventually it reaches the top and begins to overflow into the void that is beyond the glass; the void that is beyond reality; the immediate world where infinity divides being from itself and takes on the role of nothingness before it moves back into mediated being and thus into the limited circle of the reality in which it makes its appearance.

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