The Incidental Corridor of Notions, No.705

Consciousness, in its determinations, is forever moving within a realm of shadows, an absolute dwelling, where the Notion is the essence of being and the concrete unity of the subject with object. This concreteness defines being-in-the-world and forms it into the Notion of its own self. It is at home in the progression of its self-realization and constant in its pursuit of truth. The Notion of itself is self-determinate. It is less concerned with its intentions and more with the force behind the intentions; the intuitive spark of spirit dwelling in its mix of objectivity and subjectivity; seeking the neutral ground where it frees itself from the sensual substrata that inhibits its freedoms. Its Notions are its substance. It seeks self-subsistence for its substance, where it becomes subject-free and can move within the serene pastures of its spiritual distinctiveness. A distinctiveness that has no bounds nor resemblance to anything outside itself, even though it has the two moments inseparable from it; that being its own entity as an object in the world and its belonging to an otherness of itself; a being along-side itself that is determined to return to itself in its otherness. This Notion of being is the logic of its essence, and of its Notion; that which can never subside as it is distinct from all other substances and possesses the principles which brings the truth of its own substance, as the illusory element of its Notions, into play.

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