The Incidental Corridor No.703

To know what is genuine, to perceive an object of consciousness as it being nothing but what it is, is its going back to itself in itself. All things begin in a way in which their whole evolution has already occurred. Nothing can exist for itself without it being other than itself. It is the synthesis of the different movements taking place that is the essence of an object; and the object itself is the essence of time.
What is before time is beyond time; it is the quiet which, in its unfolding, becomes the unquiet, the restlessness of being. The past is time removing itself from itself, but returning as the future. Being, which time is a product of, is movement through space which is formed from time. Time is the content of space, a space which is the form that holds time, thus infinity, together. Being is the difference in relation to time; it differentiates itself in its sameness to time. It is both time and not time. It is the essence by which time occurs, while time is the essence in which being is alongside itself before becoming other, which is its true spirit.
Spirit in itself is pure concept. Outside itself is its notion to becoming other and in becoming other it returns to itself. It experiences its own essence as it removes itself from time, but in doing so it loses itself in its own infinity, its absoluteness, thus it returns by manifesting into being. It cannot stay in its otherness, but can only recognize itself while being other than itself. Spirit is movement towards what it was before it actually occurred as spirit. It is the real, and is only real, because it has already been.

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