The Incidental Corridor No.701

Law is the truth of itself; the force of one, made of many, united in its oneness, so that what is derived from it is the same as what has vanished from it. Once knowledge unites with the unity of its knowing, and it has been extracted from the essence that lies beyond the universal, the realm where all objects come together through their differences but remain indifferent to each other, where the I is the one of the many of the one, the beginning of the concept takes shape; the absolute concept which understanding takes to be as the true. This truth, this indivisible notion of what can only be what it is, simply dissolves itself into the universal, forming with its own contradiction, for nothing can be what it is unless what it isn’t is joined together with it, has, as its essence, the being of infinite belonging; a belonging that possesses its own laws in itself; what is constant and what is always the same. What is not the same is that which lies beyond this constant, in another realm, a supersensible realm, where thoughts are movements of the shape of consciousness and are ever at the ready to emerge, ready to align with the actuality of the exterior; the disorder that disguises itself as the world where
the interior of all things find their appearance, their exterior. They shape the understanding, the truth in the realm of law. It is reason that works its way through these laws, confining itself within consciousness in order that self-consciousness can make its play upon itself. Reason is the engine of life, the essence of what is and what is not, and self-consciousness becomes aware of itself through being conscious of its consciousness. It is that point where the absolute concept can retreat into the universal, for once it forms it races out into the world and becomes, for others, what self-consciousness has already declared for itself: The being of the essence of life as spirit. And the being of spirit as its beyond-itself, beyond the depths of knowing and understanding; unless it can differentiate itself from its knowing, which it can only do by understanding that it is an essence derived from that very differentiation.

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