The Incidental Corridor of Force and Law, No.700

Laws emerge through the play of forces, the unifying result of differences which, coming together, annihilate each other. In this unification, these differences vanish and draw back into themselves. They leave behind, in their vanishing, their higher forms, their appearance as absolute essence; their universality which is the common denominator making an appearance. This appearance is the law: Universal and simple; force born of force. It is the prevailing method of the super sensuality of unseen and determinable energy to create itself through its differences, its elements and counter-elements, bringing forward a lasting truth and an undeniable presence of immediate compulsion towards a “natural” existence; an existence presenting itself as an actuality.
The result of the confrontation of special forces that eventually unify, besides disappearing and being only what they are in their effectiveness to negate what is present, because of the nature of negation, is the history of attaining higher consciousness and a movement towards absolute understanding; a unification that is not only between different energies, but one in which consciousness draws itself in and comes to the realization that the laws which control reality are the same laws that guide consciousness through its dwelling-in-the-world. It is a universe of laws which unify into one, a one law, that immediately vanishes in its rising up. And, in its emergence, steers consciousness towards a convergence of spirit and being; one responsible for the other and vice versa.

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