The Incidental Being-For-Itself, No.699

A thing is for itself insofar as it is for another. And it is for another only insofar as it is for itself. In pure being-for-itself, the thing differentiates itself from all others. And it is within this differentiation which makes it being-for-another.
Being one and being other are both the same. One is the other. With being a one it could only be comprehended as such in not being the other. And in being another the exact opposite takes hold. Therefore, being one contradicts itself, is the negation of itself since it can only be what it is to another. It is reflected into itself, into its oneness. Its opposition is its essence. It relates only to itself as it reduces its properties to being an otherness, a differentiation from all other properties. In this, its otherness, it becomes the thing that opposes itself in that it relates to that which it is not in order that it becomes what it is. It This is the inessential essential, the turning back, the taking through perception of all things which are immediate and which are unified in their synthesis, but once mediated, are broken down into what they cannot be. This is the truth of perception as it differentiates the things that exist not only by what they are, but also by what they are not. That’s why perception is deceiving and never an understanding. Perception, for itself, immediately works out the contradictions in what it perceives; it takes things for what they are even if they are not what they seem. It is through mediation that things emerge as properties and these are the pure identities that secure, for perception, what is true. But through these truths are the things in which contradiction comes to the forefront and confronts the understanding in ways that perception cannot. It is the-thing-in-itself that reveals its own negation. And through that it becomes what it is by being what it is not. The opposite of a thing is its true being. And this truth reveals its opposition to another, which it relates to and is identical to, simply by negating itself in the light of being-for-itself-for-another.

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