The Incidental Corridor and the Not-This, No.699

Perception is a mode of knowledge. It is a taking to be true of that which is universal. And all objects for perception, by being absolute negativity in that they are other than itself and indifferent to consciousness, are neither here nor there nor this or that. They are not-this. In their not-this-ness, they emerge as objects for perception which are already extant and open to deception. They may be what they seem to be, but not really. Perception, in its pursuit of what is alien to it, “talks itself” into believing the true. By doing so it deceives itself and can never contain a certainty since that which is universal is the mere simplicity of objects of existence that are without essence. The only thing perception can find in objects is the essence of itself emerging through them. It is not exactly the object that perception is concerned with. It is the understanding that follows by allowing perception to experience the history of itself and breaking through to a point in self-consciousness where it begins to know what it knows; where it takes its understanding to be what is true for itself in becoming indifferent to the universal. This is how spirit emerges by understanding the not-this as that which is a mode that sense certainty follows. Should sense certainly dwell in mediation that it becomes obsessed with its own negativity, it leads to a consciousness which can neither deal with its own being, or the appearances outside of it. It is the unhappy consciousness that takes hold and turns the not-this into something that contains a totally self-alienating mode of this-ness; a particularity that can no longer be culled from the universal but is now “baked” into the unhappy consciousness. The not-this which once was the underlying truth in an understanding perception, becomes true deception and, within its dialectical movement, the transitory object that the unhappy consciousness struggles to remove from its own existence.

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