The Incidental Corridor of Here and Now, No.696

The here and the now are immediate and, as such, are a nothing in their nature. They negate themselves as they are always becoming into new here’s and new now’s. As I move from here to there, the there becomes my new here. And from here I can say that I was once over there. Moreover, when I was there I was in a now moment which is no longer. It has moved beyond and negated itself in order that the next now moment can arise. Each now is not now as it moves into a new now. In that case there could never really be a now, or a here, because they are never here and now. They are the corridor for the restless spirit which, in its immediacy, must come into itself, but by doing so it is immediately mediated and enters the universal realm where other’s enter into their own here’s and now’s. It is an immediacy for the others, but for the self it is always mediate since it takes place outside itself and in the simplicity of the universal. As other’s go from here to there, the self itself is moved at the same moment since its relation to other is in a different place at a different now. Nothing remains static except the universal which is the backdrop of existence; the horizon where all matters unfold and spirit becomes a self by returning to itself. It remains a spirit for itself by being outside itself so it is recognized by others as the self that it is; a self-consciousness which needs recognition and desires nothing less than the fullness of itself in the consciousness of others. It can only know that it is recognized by being-for-others-for-itself. In its this-ness, it is here and now. In its other-ness it is no longer here and now, but is universal. And it is through the universal that it enters new here’s and new now’s and, in so doing, negates its own self while it turns into what it is not, which is being for others while all it really desires and needs is to be for itself in its here and now.

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