The Incidental Spirit, No.692

Spirit is self-consciousness manifesting itself in the absolute. It dwells in the self-that-is-being. It is also, at the same moment, separate from the self-consciousness revealed through it, in that it is always in itself for itself before becoming for others. It is the dialectical movement of spirit and the force of its absolute essence as it unfolds into an existence that becomes other than itself.
Spirit is the utterance of creation, the moment of being and the immanent movement out of the darkness and into the light. It is what gives consciousness to consciousness, the appearance to appearances, and the revelation of reason, to which all matters are unfolded and neatly laid out in an historical sequence where one body affects another and another. It is the actuality of itself incarnate; the truth of being and the inescapable shadow of existence where all moments fade into; where life itself sheds its corporeal flesh.
To acquire self-consciousness one only needs to be born. To acquire spirit, one must be created from nothing. It is within this nothingness where an otherness dwells, where its own negation is a swirling mass of contradictory matters that struggle to emerge and self-illuminate. Spirit is, in effect, contradiction. It is a negation of the bottomless abyss where silence dwells and darkness rules. From this empty void, this blank pit of utter insignificance, spirit comes to be through an inexplicable and violent struggle. Once it is revealed it can no longer be hidden from itself but must embark on a movement guided by something other than itself; a climbing into the vacuum of existence marked by moments of extreme joy and suffering; moments that can only be experienced by the being that is self-consciousness.

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