The Incidental Corridor No.691

Art, as an abstract expression, is an essence-less creation of an essence-full being. It is, thus, an empty image filled with the image of its creator. Its selflessness portrays the negation of the soul, a pouring beyond of consciousness into the pure experience of itself. Through this, being acts out and becomes something other than it is, an object or relic; a force of itself that is an imagined essence, albeit without life, without self-consciousness or true being. Its being is its presence and, beyond that, a mirage.
Through his artful expression, being portrays himself as a suffering being; one who is at the mercy of emotions, feelings. These expressions are phantoms of life, dark patches of soul-less entities that enter the senses and stay for as long as they are embraced. The moment these images are turned away and buried by new images, they become lost to another world; a world that houses the shadows of the past and the faded imagery of a time that has been erased, or rather, removed from existence.
Some art, as do some structures, persist through several lifetimes and hold their meanings, their symbolic essences, in suspension. They shape lives and cultures, facilitate historical events, or they can stir emotions that lend themselves to specific forces which, by themselves, encourage wholesale changes on the world. Lives and people are swayed by the existence of expression. All expression is art.
All art is consciousness imagined outside itself and entered into the world as a connection between spirit and existence. It is the presence of spirit made meaningful in an existence that struggles for meaning; a reality that cries out for purpose and reason, and will never rest in its challenge of existing for something other than its own self.

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