The Incidental Corridor on the Moral Consciousness, No.689

Morality is what consciousness sees as the connection of nature to all things that are good, benevolent. It is necessarily what is, and for moral consciousness it represents the responsibility of fulfilling the universal will of man; complying with laws, rules, edicts that contain natural inclinations toward the overall happiness of all. It is not the act being fulfilled that is moral. It is the act itself of bringing consciousness to a point of no return, where it sees its actions as being in the right; a recognizable action as a consciousness of what would be universally accepted. Any action which does not potentially further the thought of life, the sensation of improving upon what already exists, and making for it an easy transition into actuality, borders on an evil act and one which, when judged by others, as inappropriate or harmful, can only be treated with disapproval or scorn.
For moral consciousness to find what it considers to be good, it must create another consciousness; one of purity and incorruptibility; a consciousness that would only act in the way of what is ethical and righteous. The other consciousness, which has existed in all moral societies, is the consciousness of God. It is the alter-consciousness represented in the corporeal realm as religion that presents itself as the bond between humanity and the Beyond. Its existence depends more on man than does man depend on it since it is a creation of man’s moral consciousness which is the cohesive element of a society, which is the natural formation that brings humanity together in a self-fulfilling proposition. It is the reflection of moral consciousness itself, which is manifested in laws and protocol. What also is borne of these moral formulations, and which places man above all other living creatures, is the intentional determination of consciousness to seek meaning for its own awareness; of its being the crown of all creation; the seed of morality and the only creature that understands itself and its place in the universal realm of benign relevance.

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