The Destruction of the Individual by Absolute Freedom, No.688

Absolute freedom brings about the destruction of personal freedom since it is defined in the universal sense. In its universal actuality, freedom takes on the universal will and sets forth the limits in which freedoms are enjoyed. Laws, rules, designations, etc. are put forward so that one person cannot be free himself while others flounder in conflict. In essence, absolute freedom brings about the death of personal freedom. It buries the spirit in a storm of annihilation and replaces it with a universal spirit, one in which freedom is defined as what the universal will considers it to be. Any conflict between the personal and the universal is resolved through the termination of the personal. It is post-revolutionary thought; rules designed to rein in those who would attempt to act singularly; who would take it upon themselves to enjoy a thought, or utter a statement, that doesn’t ‘fall in line.’ We are fast approaching, if not already embroiled in, a universal will that has taken on forms that grow more abstract by the day. They’ve begun to transcend basic differences to a level of thought which looks to encompass all forms of ‘living’ into a single expression through suppression. What is suppressed is any inclination to take control of one’s individuality if it does not coalesce with what the universal will has established as the cohesive element, the binding mandate that has proclaimed its superiority. If one’s thoughts were to transcend the newly established borders of humanity, he is immediately taken down through all and any means. And, in that immediacy, the visions of quick and thorough oppression are easily disseminated as others are made to look on and cringe at the notion of disobedience.
The sudden deluge of differences which have been bound together in a form of instantaneous acceptance, make for an uneasy, uncertain existence where one’s statements, utterances, are examined under the most intense of micro-investigatory moralistic masters who’ve proclaimed themselves as true interpreters of fairness and justice. They base their beliefs on the emergence of appearances that are in opposition to the primal structures of society. These conflicts, along with many contradictions that form on the surface of commonality, are the newly risen rules for the universe at the cost of the person who is left squirming in a hole of his own making.

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