The Incidental Corridor No.687

Since a person feels powerless toward another who holds dominion or title over him, and considering this person sees himself as free spirit, conscious of his own valid existence in the universe, an existence manifested in a physical reality which he self-supports through his own actuality, he is thus alienated not only from the person of power who wields a direct lordship, but also from himself. As a free spirit within the realm of a self-consciousness that enjoys its freedom as a being-in-the-world, he is constantly in the process of serving another. The servant is a tool to the master. But, in truth, the master must surrender to the servant since he needs the servant more than the servant needs the master. Both alienate themselves from themselves as they serve the other. There is nothing universal that doesn’t involve self-alienation through the separateness of physical beings who, in spirit and truth, are not really separate since, ultimately, they supplement each other’s presence by making it part of their own. The universal holds differences as part of history and the changes that fill time. The spiritual, however, sees difference as alternate realms of self-consciousness of concerns; one which seeks what really matters at the cost of itself to fulfill the common good. The uniting of spirits is a sublime concurrence of concerns. And, what is the concern of one is ultimately the concern of all. Thus, community and The State are manifestations of those concerns.

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