The Incidental Corridor and Relation of Force and Law, No.683

Force must relate to something, find unity in something other than itself, to be called force. It cannot be a thing that operates on its own, a force without laws. It must act, or be acted upon. It relies on other forces by an essential law, one that must exist for a force to exist.
There exist inner forces as well as outer forces. Two separate essentiality which, within their properties must rely on one another. The inner force relates to the outer by means of the laws that govern each. Self-preservation can be described as an inner force which is inherent in organisms. Its outer force, its reason for being, is expressed by the organism itself. Now this inner force would not exist if it had nothing to keep, nothing to give life to. Their reliance on one another is implicit in their being.
Nature creates its own laws which act upon the forces that are inherent in it. A living species cannot stay alive without certain laws of nature to govern it. Force, however, is the expression of law, the outer force of all things; the external creative force which produces observable phenomena. The inner force of all phenomena is that which plays upon the force of the outer and works to create perceivable objects. This play of forces is constant and self-relating. It is by this unification that they form a law. And it is the law itself that is responsible for this unification. Therefore, there is a unity of forces under law, and a unity of laws over forces. The latter governs while the former enforces.

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