The Incidental Corridor No.682

The sense of the pure-self is discovered by dwelling within the unchangeable-ness of the universal. Not merely by pure being, but by being-in-the-world.
Reason leads consciousness through what it imagines itself to be and what it seeks to be; that is, a one-ness with the universal and, so being outside itself. In other words consciousness looks to negate its own essence to become the self-reason that ‘it is’; the purity in all things as they seem before it, rather than the corrupt objects that have been tainted by the changeableness of its own being. To become absolute essence, to find itself for itself, consciousness must be freed from its own subjective dwelling in the world; by its doubts, concerns, feelings…etc., by, not just living, but by being. And, not only immersing its thoughts in itself as being, but consuming from without the absolute purity of existence which, when unfolded, would shape consciousness into its essence. That which is unchangeable, the universal, the one-ness that never seeks its own negation, but flourishes in its actuality; an actuality that is broken in two, at its own expense, divided by the self and the universal so that the universal is one with the self and the self is one with the universal, the immersion of reality with its object, rather than the subject within its reality.
Reason is the first stage of the experience of the universal one-ness. It shapes consciousness into accepting what is, but only by denying itself at its own expense. Reason can only set the stage toward absolute purity, but must break off from itself if consciousness is to reach its pure essence; an essence that is outside itself, coming back into itself through its own spiritual purity.

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