The Incidental Unchangeable World, No.681

Consciousness seeks that which it cannot change by denying itself its individuality, by becoming one with the unchangeable world and assigning itself to the beyond. This is its object, its knowing, giving to the incarnate unchangeable-ness its essence since it sees itself as that which must be broken, that whose actuality belongs, not to the self, but to the universal. The Unchangeable world, in turn, bestows upon consciousness its gifts in the form of knowledge, power, and abilities. It does for consciousness what consciousness cannot do for itself, which is to change and manifest itself as a being-in-the-world.
Through this manifestation, consciousness surrenders itself and denies its essence by uniting with the world; a world that negates itself by giving consciousness back its essence and setting it free to seek an unchangeable existence.The negation is played out on both sides and, through this, negates each other resulting in the purity of spirit; a spirit that seeks the ground of its desires by breaking into two actualities: One which embodies the Unchangeable, and the other which needs what the Unchangeable brings to it, which are those things that consciousness can consume and work on.
The chasm between the Unchangeable and the Changeable is where consciousness finds itself and works to free itself. It cannot be a free spirit if it is caught between two worlds. By negating itself consciousness reaches that unchangeable existence which has a term of inevitability; a sequence of movements that emerges towards a divine moment of freedom and the true ground of that freedom, which is eternal satisfaction combined with the essence of being-of-spirit and the world in which it finds its own true self. It is through denying itself that spirit becomes pure and unchangeable. The Unchangeable world is the last form of that purity and the underlying manifestation of the essence of spirit.

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