The Incidental Corridor No.679

What the understanding knows itself to be, it knows only through self-consciousness. It is not an independent understanding, nor can it be off by itself drifting within consciousness. It must be the foundation of self-consciousness, so that it is understanding what is infinite in its movement and existence. All objects are considered infinite, in that they exist for consciousness, however they negate themselves once self-consciousness takes them to be what they are, which are objects other than it; objects that merely fill perception, but, in truth, could only be for themselves for consciousness. Nothing is independent, simply because it could not exist without being an other for consciousness. It is the purity of self-consciousness which rejects all things outside itself and gives them existence only by acknowledging its own self. But, by negating objects, it also negates itself since it cannot exist without something else to recognize its existence. This is the only independence that consciousness experiences, which, in truth, is only an imagined independence. Thus, the attempts to separate the self from objects is through the understanding in which these objects are there for consciousness, and can only negate themselves. The truth for self-consciousness is another self-consciousness, one which is aware of itself by alienating itself and revealing the self that it is by being other than what it is. It is for-others-for itself by being other than itself. Consciousness of the self within itself is pure spirit and the essence of the manifestation of spirit, which is both itself and an other together in one entity.

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