An Inverted World, No.675

The idea of inversion is one which the understanding takes into account the logic of its experience, the stability of differences which are not really differences, but are in unity. It is the world of opposites in opposition to themselves which is immediate and encompassed in one thought. A bitter tasting fruit is inwardly sweet. The appearance of light is actually darkness. The color white is actually black, and so on. This is what consciousness takes in immediately as the truth of the appearance of things. It understands good from what is evil; purity of one color from what is variegated. It is the first thought of change and contradiction which comes to consciousness and takes the self-expression of forces beyond their appearance and into their inner being. It is one simple process that the understanding takes what it perceives and places it in opposition to that perception. It sees the relation of objects and their reliance on each other to remain opposed. And, it is through these differences that they are actually the same. And the opposition of these differences is embedded in their relation so, in effect, they oppose themselves by inverting themselves only to follow by becoming an undifferentiated unity of opposites forming one thing that is perceivable to the senses, but not perceivable to itself. In appearance it is real to the understanding, and processed as a thing existing, but to itself it cannot exist. It is only for another once it makes an appearance, thus it destroys itself in its appearing. It inverts its own being, becoming unstable in its stability; inconstant in its constancy. The understanding sees the thing as a self-expressing force, but that force immerses itself in the same law that grounds it as a force, thus it can no longer express itself as a force since it immediately is inverted into its opposite, which is its inner being. Logic immediately changes an object for perception to take place. Its inwardness is not replaced, only that which reason sets it out to be, by inverting it from its opposition, or nothingness, into a self-fulfilling object present to the understanding.

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