The Incidental Corridor No.674

Law and Force are thought of as different movements governed in their own truth. However, one cannot be without the other, although one is hidden from the other, or does not make an appearance except within the inner being of the other. Law, by itself, is a constant attraction between differences which become indifferent in unity with each other. Force is a type of law, but it also creates laws that govern itself. Together they pass over and vanish into each other. Apart they are what the other is, but beyond the appearance of the other. Law unifies force. In turn force unifies laws. They are indifferent to each other and fall within what they are in themselves, which is different moments coming together in their differences and in their relation to those differences. They belong to a single universal law, or force, which supersedes both and, which at the same time, becomes what the other is not. They combine to form two thoughts: one being that which lies beyond appearance and the other being the appearance itself, which is the truth of itself. They are the simple unification of both while being separate in themselves. Space is governed by particular laws and forces. Gravity is a force, but is also a law. Time is governed by space and by the laws of itself. The two are the same, but cannot exist without the other. Law cannot be law without the inner being of force. And, force cannot be force without the inner being of its laws governing force. They attract each other universally and in thought. They form a unity while preserving the differences between themselves. As in all things related, forces and laws are preserved and keep differences emerging in unity by the simple relation of those very same differences.

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