The Incidental Corridor On the Expression of Force

Force is an expression of moments coming together, an undifferentiated unity solicited from outside itself by a soliciting force that, in turn, is solicited by the force which it solicits. It is a vanishing that makes an appearance; a vanishing of differences which manifest in a thing composed of separate matters. It’s these matters which unify and fully express themselves in their movement; perceived as a thing, but understood as a force.
Appearance is an immediate emptiness. It is simply a thing pointing back to its own nothingness, a perception of discernible immediacy. The force behind the appearance is its true essence. It is the appearance of the appearance which is the unity of things; the expression of a movement of its different matters which form into their own opposite and vanish into one another. It’s the contradiction of the unity of matters which is unified through its appearance, and it is perception which embraces this contradiction on the act of perceiving. Appearance is, therefore, nothing more than differences which have been made indifferent by an expression of force; a force which is a movement within a supersensible realm, manifested through thought, and unfolded into the thing which the expressive force makes clear. This expressive force is not one force, but a tributary of another which is the cause of another and another. It’s an infinitely indivisible force which emerges in the realm of appearance; and a contradictory force which is only clear in opposition to itself, and to the understanding which determines that this thing is this thing, now, in this place, and not another thing in another place in an other time.

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