The Incidental Corridor No.669

There is a peculiar play of forces which are not seen as force but as things which have been unified. Beyond the senses, and out of the understanding, forces make an appearance, through the laws of their existence, into the moment. Moments are tied together through force and are really one force penetrating another, overlapping and being overlapped, by the next and the next. This ‘covering over’ of the past is really the interplay of force, the separation of moments which are perceived in thought and implicitly joined to experience. It is the unity of differences, the overtaking by understanding, to string together an effect which begins as the cause of that effect. It’s reason reasoning; and appearances appearing, and how differences, unique and particular, form into one experiential reality. This infinitely repeatable interplay unites the different effects into one solitary moment, which the mind takes to be the real, before the next moment emerges and thought captures it in its unity and relegates it to a new unity. This commingling of invisible forces, through their recognition, hides reality from the senses and allows experience to be experienced. If these forces were, on the surface, perceptible, reality would become an examination of the thing-for-itself and would displace the thing-for-another. In that sense, they wouldn’t exist together and only for itself would the thing be true. All things would no longer have reason for existence once they end being for another. The world couldn’t be experienced as a universal entity complete with causation and effect. It would be a motionless, empty, world where life and death could not be differentiated, and the truth of things would have no place, except for which they would stay within a suspended nothingness of complete silence.

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