665. The Relation of Separation

All things have in themselves the character that makes it both in and for itself and in and for another. It relates through separation, and is separate through that very same relation. Separation is a thing for itself relating to another thing that is for itself by differentiating the two. This difference of being is their very relation. And, that relationship would not exist if they were not separate by what they are in themselves.
In the relation of separation a thing is always a thing for itself. Its character, qualities, belong to it only and is, therefore, in itself through its separation from other things. However, this separation sets in motion a relation to other things by the fact it is not the other thing, which by that contradictory existence makes it relatable. Furthermore, another thing in itself, which is for itself in its separate truth, could only be for itself by its relationship of not being ‘this’ thing. Alternatively, a thing is only a thing, or a one for itself, in so far as it does not stand in any relation to other things. The things separation, or being-for-itself, is undermined by itself. It alienates itself to be itself. This self-alienation comes to be the unity of the many. This unity is characterized by all things being for themselves in themselves, but, in so far as they are for another. Without contradiction, opposition, a thing cannot stand out as a thing. It would annihilate itself through its sameness with other things. It must separate itself through being itself, but at the same moment, being for that which it is not. This is not an opposition of things being. It is an opposition of moments.

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