The Incidental Corridor No.663

A simple ‘this’, as an object, is in its own universe and is its own essence. It has both unity in itself and with itself. Its properties are its own in a universe of infinite properties and universes. It cannot penetrate other properties, or universes, as they are also in themselves. It can only penetrate the ‘medium’ which holds separate properties together. They combine in their exclusivity, but are distinct and indifferent to each other. A grain of sand could be circular or cubicle. It has different colors, minerals, origins, yet it is one grain. Its properties are distinct and exclusive, but stay a ‘thing’ in their interpenetration of the universal medium that holds them together. It reaches beyond its specificity, in its formation, and creates a distinctive object, a universal object, a grain of sand. But, its ‘parts’ are still indifferent to each other and remain separate. However, for perception it is a granular substance within a world of granular substance and is never thought of as divided from itself in its specificity, but as a simple object similar to, and relatable to, other grains of sand. These differences are not immediately perceived, but determined by the senses as one object. Their being of separate colors, minerals, shapes, etc., they are indeterminate determinations, or complex simplicities, coming together in infinite, unsolvable, patterns of phantom-like entities, invisible and visible in the immediacy of perception.

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