The Incidental Corridor No. 657

We have, as a truth of our sensations, a combination of the past and present; of being and not-being; of presence and having been. The inclusion of negation belongs to every present thing. It is the presence of what-it-is and what-it-was. If I point out a house, then turn and point at something else, then back to the house, it is not the original object I pointed to. It has become a different now and a separate moment. The original now, along with the house, has receded into the past. The new now, which in the act of pointing is no longer now, takes its place. A new presence has fused with the past and this now, this object of my concern, is having-been. What I before perceived, along with other perceptions that may have occurred during my act of pointing, negated itself by that very act. If I move one step, my “here” is no longer. I am now “there.” My new “there” becomes my new “here.”
The experience of immediacy, once it is mediated, is annihilated. It negates itself as an immediacy by being sensed as an immediacy. It is no longer now. The pure now, which it becomes, never retains its purity as it dissolves into the past. It is a having-been. The moments of the past are the pure moments. They are our concern since we have them as always present. And, it is in the act of the past that the present emerges and, through that emergence simultaneously becomes not-now. If we stand above something, there is always something below. If we move to the right we create a left. There is always a before and behind. The universal is what-is-being-in-its-having-been. The now vanishes along with immediacy. We are alien to ourselves. We can never truly be who we are, but who we were. Our appearance is the moment of negation; of our being and not-being.

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